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Solution MAX®

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Fertigation Equipment

Bulk Storage Silos



Irrigation Cleanse

  • Adding Gypsum to your water improves soil structure
  • Increases water penetration
  • Corrects Mineral imbalances and sodic soils
  • Can be used to solubilize and inject other minerals like Humic Acids, Limestone, Potash and Zinc

Phyto CatalystTM

  • Phyto-Catalyst® provides a comprehensive and ecological solution for.
  •  Maintenance of irrigation systems.
  • Microbial health of soils.Bioavailability of nutrients.
  •  Mitigation to the damages from plant diseases and pest infestations.
  •  Improving crop yields and plant vitality. Reducing usage and costs of water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Sulfur Burners


Norcal Ag Service 

...we have solutions

  • Bulk Storage for your Gypsum and Potash
  • Automated and Metered Delivery Sysem
  • Many Sizes to Fit your Needs!
  • Lowers your water PH
  • Removes Bicarbonates
  • Converts free lime to gypsum
  • Burning 1 ton of sulfur replaces 3 tons of sulfuric acid
  • Safer to handle than dangerous sulfuric acid
  • Approved for Organic crops
  • Save You Money!

"Gyp Machine"

Norcal Ag Service offers several types of equipment that can be used to help growers with water & soil pH issues.