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The Agua Dulce Solution adds liquid sulfur for soil amendment and plant nutrition. Adding solid sulfur for soil amendment takes time to break down and take effect. Liquid sulfur triggers an instantaneous reaction.

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The Agua Dulce Solution is produced on-site by the Sweetwater sulfur burner. This irrigation system blends Sulfur Dioxide (SO2 ) with irrigation water in order to generate Sulfurous Acid on-demand.

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4.  Algae and Scale control

3.  Soil Amedment

Day 21

•    Lower pH
•    Neutralize Bicarbonates
•    Treat alkaline water and soil
•    Leach salts & increase penetration
•    Add liquid sulfur for soil amendment
•    Eliminate scale and algae

Immediately Treat Alkaline Water & Soil

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Treating irrigation water with the Agua Dulce Solution drops the pH instantly. This process frees up valuable nutrients and fertilizers otherwise ‘tied up’ by bicarbonates.

S O2 + H2 O = H2 SO3

Acid can be an effective tool against scale that forms in pipes and drip emitters. In addition, one of the secondary benefits of the Agua Dulce Solution is the effective treatment of algae in reservoirs.  

2.  Water Treatment

 Absorbtion System

The Agua Dulce Solution: 

1.  The Sulfur Dioxide Process

Day 1

Agua Dulce Sulfur Burners

All silo systems are custom manufactured by AgStar Services, a certified agua dulce distributor.