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Why use compost

Get Ready for Fall! 

  • Dairy Cow/Steer Manure (cooked down)

Inputs from dairy cow, steer and rice hulls make this compost high in nitrogen and organic matter.  

Largest Variety of Organic Compost

Chicken, Cow, Mushroom, Greenwaste

5  locations in central & northern California

Norcal Ag Service is where to buy organic composts

Oxygen Stage
When the windrow is formed microorganisms consume oxygen (aerobic decomposition.) As oxygen is used up aerobic decomposition slows down. Aeration is provided by mechanical turning to add oxygen and replenish pore space within the settled medium.This promotes air movement through the windrow.

Temperature Stage
Temperature increases due to microbial activity in the windrow.  The temperature increases to 40-60  C and generally is maintained for several weeks. As aerobic decomposition slows the temperature drops off.

Curing Stage
When the aerobic decomposition has slowed the curing phase has begun.  Oxygen usage is so slow the windrows don't need to be turned anymore. As the temperature drops to that of ambient air the compost is done.

Compost orders are delivered by end dump semi's or high side transfers when needed.  Orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt.

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  • Chicken Manure  (cooked down)

Our "Superchicken" chicken manure natural fertilizer, inputs from chicken farm bedding only.  Highly acclaimed by northern California growers as the absolute best Organic Fertilizer around. We put this through a cooking process much like our composts.

  • NEW! - OMRI Listed Chicken manure compost to meet certified organic farming qualifications

Norcal Ag Service 

Norcal Ag Service delivers organic composts such as organic greenwaste compost, cow manure compost and chicken manure  by the truckload  to Yuba city, Sacramento, Merced, Livermoore, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Lodi and all communities throughout central and northern California

How compost is made

Organic Composts

We also do custom blending with gypsum, limestone, sulfur and other soils and amendments....just ask!

  • Organic Green Waste Compost

Inputs from lawn, shrub and tree clippings make up over 90% of the material used to produce this type of compost.  Screened at "3/8 inch and processed through a "windrow" composting technique. Delivered in semi's and transfers upon request.

Bulk by the truckload

Using Windrows​