Norcal Ag Service 

All silo sytems are custom manufactured by AgStar Services, a certified Brock distributor.

Brock Silo Solutions

Our specially designed outside mounted vibrator does not require the silo to be empty to repair or replace parts.

Where to buy Brock Silos

  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel hopper and legs.
  • A 26 Ton silo, 9’ diameter and 32 Ton silo 12’ diameter. (Other sizes available)
  • Flex auger fill system (100 lbs/minute)
  • Double caulked on all seams, ‘Access Plus’ door, ‘Hydroshield’ weather guard.

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Visual inspection is aided by Lexan transparent bin transitions, Galvanized steel auger tubes.

The Gypsum Silo provides an automated system to supply gypsum and other nutrients to the
Solution Max.  No heavy bags, no forklift,
Saves time and money.


The ACCESS PLUS hopper access door enables the operator to completely clean out the inside pf the bin from the ground, The ACCESS Plus door panel features a rubber like seal to re-seal the opening after each use.

Rain running down the bin’s sidewall is forced to drip off the HYDROSHIELD® Weather Guard, eliminating water problems in the boot area.

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