Norcal Ag Service 

Norcal Ag Service delivers and spreads Agricultural Gypsum

  • Improves microbiological conditions in soil, directly impacting water percolation, root growth, and optimizing nutrient uptake to the plant.
  • Plants grow faster, generate higher yields,
  • Plants are more resistant to diseases and insect infestation.

Photo Catalyst TM

Photo Catalyst TM will keep 

your lines, filters and emitters free flowing naturally!

When introduced into water, the BOC product formulations create highly self-organized and ultra-fine micro-bubbles.  These ultra-fine micro-bubbles exhibit highly energetic reactions in water, and within organic molecular structures, including soils, plants and insects.  This bio-reactor platform allows an acceleration of a series of biological and chemical reactions to occur across multiple substrates.

Phyto-CatalystTM is delivered at very high dilutions through any type of watering system, including hydroponics and irrigation lines, where there are additional benefits in the eradication of biofilm growth and mineralization formation. It has shown significant plant growth enhancement in a variety of studies. Phyto-CatalystTM is a nutrient optimizer, a molecular oxygen enhancer, and a biological soil conditioner, that together provide a superior growth environment and maximize nutrient availability.

Recent studies in greenhouses with tomato plants and other vegetables have demonstrated increased survivability (100%), and increased volumes in (25 – 200%) the produce grown.

The breakdown of biological film growth and mineralization formation offers further benefits to irrigation and hydroponic type systems. It also enhances multi cellular growth that allows for strong and compact plants that leads to dense cellular growth that increases weight and size equally.

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